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Gifts for Coffee Lovers, From Beans to Burr Grinders | Bon Appétit

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Each year, our staff and contributors round up their best gift ideas for cooks, eaters, and the kitchen curious. Read on for the buzziest gifts for coffee lovers.

Let me be clear when I say these gifts are for “coffee lovers.” There’s no need for fanaticism here; almost everyone can appreciate these caffeine-adjacent wares. We have gifts for your friend who’s always taking slightly irritating pictures of their cortados and your cousin who travels with an AeroPress set up, but also your mom, who is perfectly happy with her coffee pods but will lovingly accept your annual contribution to her mismatched mug collection. As someone proudly on the side of slightly dweeby coffee mania, I’m here to usher you towards the specialty beans and barista-quality espresso machines for my fellow coffee nerds and the slick-looking French press and milk jug for everyone else just trying to update their morning cuppa.

The Stagg has been the go-to electric kettle for pour over obsessives since 2017, thanks to an exacting temperature gauge, precise gooseneck shape, and thoughtful design details like fingerprint-resistant matte paint. The latest model solves for the slightly leaky lid and has the ability to adjust boiling temp if you signify that you’re at altitude. With the Pro, you can even schedule a boil so your water is waiting for you in the morning.

Most coffee makers come in no nonsense black or steel. This green glass French Press is just-fun-enough without veering into acid green Gen Z territory. It’s made of sturdy, heat resistant borosilicate, holds 28 ounces of coffee, and can be popped in the dishwasher between brews.

Want to be the first person your crush thinks of in the morning? I can’t work magic, but gift them a coffee subscription and see what happens. All the subscriptions I’ve vetted and recommended allow for some customization of type of bean (whole or ground), roast level, flavor profile, and frequency of deliveries. Click through for the whole list of best coffee subscriptions, or consider these three standout services below.

Varieties for every kind of coffee brewing method and flavor preference

Fair trade coffee from far-flung farms, starting at $9 a bag

Top-quality beans from coffee producers across the African continent, with a particular focus on female growers

Alessi’s iconic collection of kettles and moka pots has grown and grown–but in my eyes the most beautiful is still the 9090, the Italian design house’s first coffee maker, created by Richard Sapper. This stainless steel stunner holds 6 servings of espresso and is just as happy on an induction stove top as it is an old-school range.

This sleek lil’ scale/timer combo is accurate to .1 gram. For the rule-abiding loved one.

There’s a bag of straight up beans in here: Organic, single origin, fair trade ones from Oaxaca. But this gift set from Los Angeles-based La Monarca is also for those with less stoic coffee orders than “long black, please.” The Cafe de Olla beans have been sifted through with brown cane sugar and cinnamon, while the tins of Chocolate Mexicano and Champurrado both contain organic cacao beans and warming spices.

BA contributor Sarah Jampel was onto something when she switched to this reusable coffee filter to avoid the 6 a.m no-paper-filter-panic. Besides guaranteeing you’ll always have a cup, this steel filter cuts down on paper waste and does away with that papery taste you sometimes detect in pour over.

Grind consistency, only achievable with conical burr or flat burr grinders, is key for stellar coffee. Baratza is at the top of the conical burr game–and, because they’re owned by Breville, they’ve been tested alongside the espresso machine we recommend for most beginners, the Breville Bambino Plus. (Just in case you’re looking for a big, impressive double appliance gift.) Worried a coffee grinder is too practical a present? Let BA contributor Carla Lalli Music convince you that this is the way to “change a person’s life”.

Sunny espresso cups for that someone you know who is not very sunny in the morning. Or, for shots.

Senior commerce editor MacKenzie Chung Fegan first encountered the Flair 58 at Brooklyn’s Fort Defiance, which is known for their Irish coffees. The manual machine, which looks a little like a vintage juice press, extracts one shot of espresso at a time using a long lever and some elbow grease. The professional-grade Flair 58 costs $575, but the Pro 2, which starts at $325, caught my eye for its packability. It’s the only espresso machine of this caliber I’ve ever seen with a travel case; if you (or your lucky giftee) are frequently on the road or switching between home office and office-office regularly, this folding, portable machine will suit. Then, there’s the coffee. As long as you preheat the brew chamber (go ahead and do this while you grind your coffee) you’ll get a complex, rounded shot with balanced acidity.

Country-ish, not cottage-core. Dansk’s drippy blue and white stoneware mugs can be purchased alone, as a set of 4, or as part of a whole blue, white, and red tableware set, if you’re going the group gift route.

Once a month I take a crack-of-dawn flight from Boston home to London. Once a month I feel deeply sad that the airport coffee shop opens 20 minutes after takeoff. Instant coffee is no match for freshly brewed, sure–but for the frequent traveler or shift worker in your life, a little sachet of quite-tasty Verve will go a long way.

Hurricane Fiona flooded Lau Pottery’s San Juan studio, destroying stocks of clay as well as a kiln. They’re slowly getting back on their feet and turning out the idiosyncratic, charming ceramics beloved by local chefs and home cooks alike. Keep your eye on Lau’s website and Instagram for drops of their offbeat Valentina coffee mug–the ideal shape and size for a cappuccino.

They make our favorite rice cooker. They make our favorite soup-to-go container. And man do they make my favorite thermos. The Zojirushi 16-ounce insulated bottle keeps my extra large Americano hot all day long, and it’s never once leaked in my tote bag, no matter how much I jostle it during a winding bike commute.

A gift for that coworker who keeps a Chemex on their desk. Hario uses ceramic conical burrs in this small but mighty manual grinder to mimic the precise, even result of an electric machine, like the Baratza Virtuoso, above. It’s a fraction of the size and cost, and honestly, if you’re making pour over instead of notoriously finicky espresso, a hand grinder will do the job splendidly.

Gifting someone a first espresso machine is a bit like gifting them their first car (but uh, cheaper, and less dangerous). You want something that’s fairly easy to use, won’t break down, performs well, and isn’t too big to parallel park. That’s the Breville Bambino, our rec for most home espresso enthusiasts. At just 7.6" by 12.5" wide, it takes up very little counter space, it's easy to use and not fussy, and, even with that compact footprint, it has a system which ensures water is the perfect temperature for espresso—plus a milk wand for beginner latte art.

Food52 bills this as a milk and cookie set, but I see it as more of a 3 pm slump Americano and cookie set. The base of these pleasantly weighty ceramics is black French clay, each slicked in a fun glaze that’ll break up a cabinet of white dishes. Coffee and cookies for a crowd? Snag the corresponding platter too.

When BA contributor Anna Rahmanan tested this glass pour over kit, she learned that it takes 1.5 million trees to make the 275 billion coffee filters produced every year. When I tested it, I found out that a delicate-looking borosilicate setup could brew a particularly strong cup of coffee. The design allows for slow, even dripping, which means well saturated beans and robust flavor.

Whether in stainless steel or polished brass, this extremely fancy milk jug is the type of thing I’d never buy for myself but would be thrilled to receive.

Ten cups of flawless drip coffee every morning–that’s what the Technivorm Moccamaster promises. We rank it as our favorite drip coffee maker for its ease of use and absolutely perfect execution. Shop all the standard colors at Amazon, or cop this limited green shade at Nordstrom.

For the person who spends every summer wondering out loud (a.k.a. complaining) why cold brew is 30% more expensive than average coffee—a one-liter cold brew maker. That’ll make a Big Gulp-sized cup of strong iced coffee, without the coffee shop surcharge.

Ginori, which has been making exquisite china since 1735, teamed up with design youngblood Luke Edward Hall on this collection of Neptune-inspired china. Each piece is made in Italy and tipped with gold. Maybe just the thing for your supremely elegant aunt?

Gifts for Coffee Lovers, From Beans to Burr Grinders | Bon Appétit

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